August 24, 2009

Lukus The Master Gardener!!

I thought maybe I needed to brag a little about Luke's gardening skills. I'm rather impressed with how it turned out!! Don't let him fool you, he's pretty darn proud of it!!

Here is just one of our many (maybe too many!) Pumpkins!! I guess I'm really going to learn how to can this year!! Yummy!!!

We also found out that we planted pickling cucumbers!!Who knew!! Luke is so excited about making his own pickles!! They are so good!! He actually found these giant ones this morning!! They we're huge!!


  1. OKay, Love all the pictures...but that picture of luke and his soon to be pickles...OH.SO.CUTE.
    have fun canning! Your garden looks so great! Miss you's been awhile.

  2. Hey! Cute blog woman! I too, have a personal blog at Thanks again for doing the scentsy giveaway. It was a blast.

  3. So jealous! Your garden looks amazing. Ours has some plants in it with tons of weeds. We are still getting stuff from it, just wish it was neat like yours. I also wish Matt would let me can pickles too, they look fabulous.